User Quotes

"I am impressed with your product's flexibility and ease of use. I am comparing it to AFT's products Fathom and Arrow and so far your's seems to be a better value and easier to use in analyzing complex networks."
Paul Gabura - Compton Corporation

"I reviewed in detail competing products and found DesigNet the easiest program to use. The interface is simple and straightforward. As a result, my company is purchasing DesigNet."
Peter James - Rockwell

"Out of all the fluid flow programs on the market, DFS is the easiest to use and the best."
Keith Schinler - Schindler Associates

"Incredible program! Very quick and a great time saver."
Tom Morris - Consultants in Engineering Acoustics

"I love the program."
George Jarvi - Clark Refining

"I am very happy with DesigNet. It is useful as all getout. Saved hours of calculating time. Well worth the price."
Lance Overholt - Merck

"Really neat program. Use it all the time for pipeline pressure drop calculations."
Richard Rath - Independent Consultant

"Our clients like the hard copy printouts that provide the basis for the program's calculations."
Ralph Koenig - Merlin Company

"Excellent package"
James Liskey - CF Industries

"Very good program"
Norman Kramer - Argonne National Lab

"Easy to use."
Gerald Kloth - Institute of Paper Science & Technology

"Very handy and user friendly"
Todd Kerschbaum - Wisconsin Public Power

"Excellent program"
John Imsdahl - Donaldson Company

"Very impressive."
Odell Hutson - Dan River Inc.

"Love it!!"
J. Headrick - Virginia Power

"Very concise and easy to operate for pipe sizing and piping basic design."
Albert Yi-Yuan Fang - Pacific Engineers & Constructors Ltd

"Excellent program, very useful."
Anthony Conner - IBP Industrial Steam Systems

"Very user friendly, quick and easy to use. No complicated workarounds."
Bassen Fileta - BP Chemical

"Thank you for a nice engineering tool. It is the perfect companion to the TP410."
Rod Cabrera - Technology Limitless

"This program is a very useful engineering tool."
LG Benavides - Novaquim SA de CV

"Excellent companion to the Crane TP 410"
Neil Antin - Department of the Navy

"Excellent program."
Kenneth Appell - Ashta Chemicals Inc.

"Dependable and reliable. It's one of a kind. Good quality and affordable software. Keep up the good work."
Roque Senga - Cristal

"Program is outstanding."
William Stenger - Westinghouse Nuclear Services

"Good telephone backup on 800 number - Appreciate it"
Ernst J. Solberg - John Brown

"Awesome. I love this program!"
Richard Anderson - Navajo Generating Station

"Very useful program."
Jim Sanders - Kimball Electronics

"Impressive, very useful."
Adam O'Dwyer - Keystone Yarway

"Very handy program! Nice way to document calculations."
Gary Yerby Eichleay - Engineers Inc of CA

"This program is great!! I wish it was around when I was in college. This program is the greatest thing since sliced bread!"
James White - Independent Consultant

"Software looks good."
Roger Weigand - LONZA Inc.

"A very nice program!"
Darren H. Yin - Clear Lake Engineering

"Good package. Software is great!"
Todd Beaver - Duke Power Company

"Very Impressed with calculations."
Dennis Campbell - Delaval