To better support users' needs, optional maintenance agreements are available. As part of the maintenance agreement ABZ, Incorporated will provide the following services:

  • Email notification, to a single point of contact, of any software code problem (ABZ or user identified) which substantially affects the program's computed results. The point of contact will be the email address as registered for the product serial number on the ABZ website (

  • Email notification of the estimated time for resolution of the problem. This will be ABZ’s best estimate for resolution, but without creating any obligation to complete problem resolution by that time. Updates on resolution status will be posted on the ABZ website. Once the problem is resolved, any modified program code will be posted on the ABZ website and available for download by Maintenance Agreement holders.

  • Priority telephone or email consultation and advice with respect to technical questions related to program operation.

  • Updates to the program at no additional cost. These updates will include minor enhancements and corrections, and be available for download from ABZ's website.

  • Notification of the development (by ABZ) of any related programs or tools (e.g., fluid or piping libraries). A "beta" test version (when available) may be provided so that comments may be incorporated during the development process.

  • Reduced price on future version upgrades or new products.

The cost of maintenance agreements are as follows:

  • Single-User Version - $100 per year US and Canada, $200 per year International

  • LAN Version - $500 per year US and Canada - $700 per year International

For current maintenance agreement holders:

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