The DF Solutions Data Libraries include more than 650 data files greatly expanding the available data. The data covered by the libraries is described in more detail in the following, but covers piping dimensional data, fluid data (density and viscosity), material properties for piping materials, component flow resistance data and unit conversions.

Aqueous Solutions Library

Data files for density and viscosity of various aqueous solutions (as a function of temperature and percent solution). These files, when used with the DF Solutions, allow the user to select the composition of the solution (i.e., the percent solution). The data included in this library could not realistically be recreated with the DF Solutions Utilities since a separate data file would have to be created for each solution percentage. This library contains approximately 100 files which covers the following:

1. Acetic Acid (0 to 100%)
2. Hydrochloric Acid (0 to 30%)
3. Nitric Acid (0 to 100%)
4. Sulfuric Acid (0 to 100%)
5. Ethyl Alcohol (0 to 100%)
6. Methyl Alcohol (0 to 100%)
7. Isopropyl Alcohol (0 to 100%)
8. Seawater (0 to 13.8% solid)
9. Ammonia (0 to 30%)
10. Calcium Chloride (0 to 25%)
11. Glycerol (0 to 100%)
12. Sodium Chloride (0 to 25%)
13. Sodium Hydroxide (0 to 50%)

Gases Library

Data files for additional gases. Specifically:

1. Acetylene
2. Argon
3. Butane
4. Chlorine
5. Ethane
6. Toluene
7. Ethylene
8. Ethyl Chloride
9. Fluorine
10. Hydrogen Sulfide
11. Nitric Oxide
11. Nitric Oxide
12. Ethylbenzene
13. Krypton
14. Methane
15. Methyl Chloride
16. Nitrous Oxide
17. Hydrogen Sulfide
18. Pentane
19. Propane
20. Propylene
21. Benzene
22. Styrene

Hydrocarbon Library

Twenty files defining density and viscosity for oils identified simply by degrees API. The fluids are not specific fluids, but are a generic representation for oils from 7.1 to 89.5 degrees API.

Plastic and Glass Library

Data files for piping dimensions, material characteristics and flow resistance for plastic and glass fittings. Piping Dimensions Dimensional data is provided for:

1. CPVC Piping
2. PVC Piping
3. PVDF Piping
4. Propylene Piping
5. SDR Piping
6. Metric SDR Piping
7-10. Four types of glass piping

Material Characteristics - Material strength information for evaluating pressure retaining ability of piping made of PVC, CPVC, Polyethylene, PVDF, and Polypropylene.

Component Flow Resistance - These include data for flow resistance for eight common plastic elbow and tees and six glass elbows, bends and tees.

Plastic Valves

Flow resistance data for various types of plastic valves. Specifically, the 79 data files include:

1. Y Pattern Globe Valves
(Up to 1")
2. Angle Globe Valves (Up to 1")
3. 3-Way Valves (Up to 2")
4. Ball Valves (Up to 6")
(10 to 80% open)
5. Ball Check Valves
(Up to 4")
6. Foot Valves (Up to 4")
7. Butterfly Valves (Up to 8")
8. Part Open Butterfly Valves

Copper Pipes and Materials Library

Files of dimensional and material property data forcopper and copper alloy piping. Specifically:

1. MIL-T-16420 Cu-Ni piping dimensional data for Alloy 715
2. MIL-T-16420 Cu-Ni piping dimensional data for Alloy 706
3. ASTM Cu water tubing. 0.125" - 12"; type K, L and M tubing
4. ASTM Red Brass pipe. 0.125" - 12" for both regular and extra strong pipe
5. ASTM Copper pipe. 0.125" - 12" for both regular and extra strong pipe
6. Material strength information and tolerances for 31 different Copper alloys

Non-Standard Fittings Library

Flow resistance data for additional fittings beyond those included in the basic data. Flow resistance data is included for the following:

1. Multiple mitre bend elbows
2. Diverging and Converging Y's
3. Multiple mitre bend goosenecks
4. Expanding Y's (area ratio 2:1)
5. Reducing Y's (area ratio 2:1)
6. Multiple mitre bend U
7. Corrugated bends
8. Corrugated goosenecks
9. Orifice Grids, Orifice area 10-90%
10. Flanged Tees
11. Flanged Elbows

Enhanced B31.1 Materials

Eighty-three additional material property files for B31.1 materials. This library includes files for:

1. Carbon Steels
2. Aluminum Alloys
3. Titanium Alloys
4. Copper & Copper Alloys
5. Nickel Alloys
6. Cast Irons
7. Low & Intermediate Alloy Materials
8. Stainless Steels

This library also includes a revised B36.10 piping dimensional data file that adds standard sizes in the range from 36" to 48" diameter.

Enhanced B31.3 Materials

Thirty additional material property files for B31.3 materials, including both normal and high pressure service. This library includes files for:

1. Carbon Steels
2. Aluminum Alloys
3. Stainless Steels
4. Low & Intermediate Alloy Materials
5. Copper & Copper Alloys
6. Nickel Alloys
7. Titanium Alloys

Enhanced Units

Replacement files for the unit conversion data files contained in the basic data. Additional specific unit conversions have been added to the files greatly expanding the variety of units for data input and display of results.

Heat Transfer Fluids

Data files of density and viscosity data for 16 different heat transfer fluids. Included are fluids produced by Monsanto, Paratherm Corporation, Petro-Canada and the MultiTherm Corporation.


Dimensional specification data for both English and metric size tubing. The English data includes sizes from 1/8-inch O.D. to 2-inch O.D. with wall thicknesses from gage 7 to 22. The metric data covers sizes from 4-mm O.D. to 50-mm O.D. with wall thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 9 mm. For each dimensional set, there are files for 12 different tubing metals to allow for appropriate piping weight calculations.

Liquid Gases Library

Fluid property files for the liquid state of common gases. Specifically, the fluids included are:

1. Air
2. Argon
3. Chlorine
4. Nitrogen
5. Ammonia
6. Ethane
7. Ethylene
8. Fluorine
9. Iodine
10. Helium
11. Hydrogen Peroxide
12. Hydrogen
13. Methane
14. Carbon Monoxide
15. Carbon Dioxide
16. Nitrous Oxide
17. Nitrogen Dioxide
18. Oxygen
19. Propane

Other Liquids Library

Twelve additional liquids not in the basic data or other libraries. The liquids are:

1. Benzene
2. Bromine
3. Chloroform
4. Ethylbenzene
5. Hydrazine
6. Methylchloride
7. Napthalene
8. Propylene
9. Styrene
10. Sulphur Dioxide
11. Toluene
12. Methylene Chloride

Valves Library

Vendor data for over 100 valves. Each file covers the range of available sizes for a model of valve or, in the case of valves which can be used in a throttled position, a file may cover the range of possible throttle positions for the valve. Thus, the data files represent several hundred specific valves. The manufacturers included are Crane, Leslie and Richter.

Rubber Hose Library

Data on rubber hose and various types of tubing. The files contain dimensional data for the following:

1. Three Types of Rubber Hose
2. Two Types of Teflon Tubing
3. HDPE Tubing
4. Nylon Tubing
5. Polyethylene Tubing
6. Polypropylene Tubing
7. PVC Hose
8. Vinyl Tubing (instrument grade)
9. Vinyl Tubing (food grade)