DFS Training Manual

The Design Flow Solutions training manual is a book of over 200 pages detailing all the features of the Design Flow Solutions software, written in a style consistent with use as a self-study guide. The training manual is the same book used as the course material for training classes offered by ABZ. The training manual is an excellent, cost-effective alternative to the training classes for those desiring a comprehensive discussion of how to use the software and how the software works.

The DFS training manual for Version 4 is no longer sold. The DFS training manual for Version 5 will be available following release of Version 5.

The training manual includes:

  • Step-by-step description of how to use all of the features of the software
  • Extensive graphics of the software screens detailing the step-by-step operations
  • Detailed discussions of the methodologies and theoretical basis for the calculations performed by the software
  • Discussions of the common assumptions and limitations inherent in fluid flow calculations
  • Example problems with solutions
  • Single branch incompressible problems
  • Simple branch compressible problems
  • Incompressible flow networks
  • Compressible flow networks
  • Transient flow networks (time-varying flow) - incompressible and compressible
  • Complete discussion of the Design Flow Solutions utilities, including their uses and benefits
  • Comprehensive listing of software warning and error messages including discussion of what conditions will generate the message
  • An index of topics for easily locating desired information within the training materials
    Companion disk with solved models for each of the example problems