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Since 1989, ABZ has analyzed and evaluated the methods, equations and physics necessary to solve problems related to fluid flow. ABZ's work in fluid flow was used to create and support reliable and easy to use software for fluid flow analysis. ABZ continues to search for innovative and efficient methods to improve upon the Design Flow Solutions (DFS) Software and to support ABZ's customer base of more than 22,000 working engineers.

ABZ has applied this experience and knowledge of fluid flow to solving numerous customer problems. This includes solving the design problems associated with complex flow networks in diverse industries such as aerospace, process gases, chemical processing, power generation, and oil and gas production.

ABZ offers consulting services to assist clients in solving complex fluid flow problems. Examples of the types of problems that ABZ can help clients solve are provided. ABZ can provide an independent check of the calculation or provide the full analysis. Services can be provided by fixed price or time and material as needed by the client. For additional information and quotes for ABZ consulting work, call Nick Capik at 703-636-1126.

ABZ Projects

ABZ continues to provide valuable and cost effective support to clients in applying DFS to solving complex fluid flow problems. The following provide a brief description of representative ABZ DFS projects.
Chemical Plant Perimeter Fire System
ABZ modeled the perimeter fire system for a chemical plant. The fire system, originally designed nearly 40 years ago, had been modified several times. The design needed re-baselining to satisfy state inspectors. ABZ modeled the entire system using DesigNet and provided a model that could be easily manipulated to test the system performance in various configurations.
Gasoline Transfer Station
ABZ provided consulting and modeling services to a major oil company. The company has numerous gasoline transfer stations. The station consist of a transfer pumps, tanks and valving controls to load trucks for delivering gas to local gas stations. Each transfer station has the same basic design but with slightly different characteristics. The company needed a simple method that each transfer station operator could evaluate the station's performance. ABZ provided the generic station using DesigNet.
Aircraft Landing Fittings
ABZ assisted a manufacturer of aircraft landing fittings with assessing the hydraulic design of a new hydraulic operator. The company had a prototype under development and needed to establish a test program. The scope of the test program needed to be comprehensive enough to establish the operator's reliability but at the same time not unnecessarily impact the production schedule. ABZ provided a model of the fittings using the Branch version which in turn established the testing parameter for the operator.
LNG Tanker
ABZ assisted in modeling the entire cargo section for a liquified natural gas (LGN) vessel. This was required to in order to determine the ability of the vessel to discharge cargo, under specific constraints, at terminals other than those for which the vessel was originally intended for trade. The analysis showed that the several pumps would have to be replaced in order to meet the discharged requirements at the anticipated trading terminals.

Angel of the Winds Casino
ABZ performed an independent analysis of the chilled water system for the new data centers being constructed at the Angel of the Winds Casino in Arlington, WA. The system was comprised of a chiller, air conditioning units, and piping to transfer the chilled water. Using Design Flow Solutions, ABZ modeled an accurate representation of the flow rates and pressure drops throughout the chilled water system, and verified that the system design for the chilled water system met the specifications set forth for proper operation. ABZ analyzed five different scenarios for the chilled water system. These five scenarios included both an ideal model and a conservative model, as well as several possible line-ups or system states.

Monticello Control Rod Drive System
In support of the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant power uprate project, ABZ analyzed the Control Rod Drive Hydraulic (CRDH) system. The CRDH system is complex set of pumps pipes and valves that provide motive force for the control rods but can also be used to provide cooling water during emergencies. Using Design Flow Solutions (DFS) software, ABZ modeled system flow rates to the reactor vessel to ensure proper operation under all operating conditions. The CRDH system DFS model replicated normal operating condition of the CRDH system, as well as various alternate conditions, by manipulating variables and system configurations. The output of the model provides documentation supporting analysis for different makeup flow rates to the vessel for various CRD system configurations. These flow rates were used to in accident code calculations for the 2010 Extended Power Uprate (EPU).




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