ABZ, Inc.


ABZ, Inc. is a technical services company that provides project management, engineering, construction, operations and maintenance support to the power industry and government agencies.

With many plants reaching their decommissioning phase, ABZ, Inc. recognized that the technical support needs of these plants is different from other industries. From that realization, ABZ, Inc. gathered together a technical staff to address the specific needs of these facilities. ABZ's staff is a highly specialized team of industry innovators who has set standards for technical support in the areas of Decommissioning, Environmental and associated Technical Services.

ABZ, Inc. provides a complete range of project offerings:

  • ABZ provides cost estimating, assessments, project oversight, peer reviews, audits, due diligence, senior level management consulting, engineering support, construction management, licensing expertise, technical procedure writing, waste management, site cleanup, and environmental services, to name just a few.
  • ABZ's multi-disciplinary team has the necessary engineering and project management depth to develop innovative solutions to our clients' challenging, and often complex, needs. The diverse background and experience of our staff allows us to provide effective project scheduling that can lead to cost savings for our customers.
  • ABZ's is a driving force in planning, cost controls, developing and implementing the processes used today by the U.S. Government and the commercial nuclear power industry.
  • ABZ's staff has been engaged from the conceptual design stage through implementation on a majority of the commercial decommissioning projects within the US.
  • ABZ's strength lies in the cumulative experience of our professional staff; all of whom are committed to providing quality services to our clients. ABZ, Inc. staff has a thorough understanding of all aspects of the nuclear industry and has established highly respected working relationships with many of the regulatory agencies.
  • ABZ, Inc. provides a full range of services in the areas of decommissioning preparedness, project development, program implementation and Site Closure:

    • Development and Implementation of Project and Regulatory License Termination Plan.
    • Development of Site Closure Plan
    • Planning & Scheduling.
    • Contract Proposal Preparation.
    • Risk Assessment and change management.
    • Project Management and Resource Staffing Support.
    • Radiological and Environmental Surveys/Sampling Programs that may include ISO 14001 Implementation.
    • Regulatory Compliance for Program Reduction and License Termination Process.
    • Readiness Reviews and oversight planning.
    • Implementation of Processes to Support Decontamination, Remediation and Disposal of Systems Components and Structures to include Site Footprint.
    • Removal of Major System Components (Steam Generators, Heaters, Reactor Vessels, Pumps, Valves, Motors, Switch Gear, Main Station Transformers, Turbine(s), Etc..
    • Waste Stream Profiling and Characterization in Accordance with Regulatory Requirements.
    • Hazardous Waste Processing and Shipping.
    • Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste Processing.
    • Radioactive Waste Processing and Shipping and/or Storage.
    • Due Diligence and Qualification of Radioactive & Non-Radioactive Disposal Sites and Environmental Testing Laboratories.
    • Environmental Surveys, Monitoring, Sampling and Sampling Analysis.
    • Local, State and Federal Site Environmental Remediation Permit Processing.
    • Finalization of Regulatory Commitments.
    • Site Characterization.
    • Final Status Surveys to include .
ABZ's staff has supported the aforementioned areas at the following decommissioning sites: Connecticut Yankee, Fort St. Vrain, Maine Yankee, Millstone, Saxton River, Trojan, Savanna River, Oak Ridge, Hanford, Bradwell UK, West Valley and Yankee Rowe.




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