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ABZ, Inc. offers process engineering and manufacturing services that will keep your projects on schedule. We support your engineering detail/design drawings, documentation, and change control resource needs.

ABZ supports projects from simple tasks to large complex turnkey projects. Many of our clients are in the initial transition to CAD and some are migrating to the 3D CAD drawing environment. ABZ employs industry standard 2D / 3D CAD software packages to support our clients in developing and documenting designs from concept to implementation. ABZ supports our clients by creating 3D CAD models which are used to develop manufacturing detail/assembly drawings and can include animation to simulate assembly design motion for engineering evaluation and marketing. These tools can be used in multiple ways to increase efficiency and productivity through the complete process.

ABZ staff has decades of experience in supporting industrial machining / manufacturing, product development and infrastructure industries.

Engineering Support - Our clients require specific engineering resources to support their complex project needs. ABZ provides industry professionals from individual Subject Matter Experts to an entire team of engineers. We have successfully provided engineering services at utilities, government entities, independent power producers (IPPs), as well as, process and manufacturing facilities both domestic and international. ABZ's areas of expertise range from direct engineering involvement to oversight, field support, regulatory compliance, and client representative.

Design Drawing Process - ABZ works closely with our clients during all phases of design drawing development, from conceptual to final design drawings. ABZ provides complete details drawing packages from facilities management to configuration control.

Sample Design Drawings - Due to confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements some of our clients will not allow us to post examples of the work we have accomplished for them. Please feel free to make an appointment to meet with us about our services, capabilities and how we can work with you to meet your specific design drawing and animation needs.

All engineering discipline Design and Detail (Using 2D/3D CAD Software)

Engineering Support Design Drawing Process Sample Design Drawings




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