ABZ, Inc.


Concept Development and Requirements Analysis Services
ABZ offers a full range of concept development and requirements analysis for engineers and managers in power plant operation and system analysis. ABZ consults with power industry managers to improve operations, improve regulatory compliance, and reduce risk. For more information contact info@abzinc.com.

Specific areas of expertise include:
  • Analysis of Safety and Operating Practices
  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance Reviews
  • Management Audits
  • Litigation Support and Technical Experts
  • Evaluation of Specific Engineering and Technical Issues
  • Minimizing Insurance Costs and Reducing Risk
ABZ also prepares plans and cost estimates related to decommissioning. Specific tasks include:
  • Preparation of the Decommissioning Plan
  • Estimating the Cost of Decommissioning
  • Developing Decommissioning Scenarios and Strategies
  • Providing Oversight During Decommissioning
  • Independent Assessments of Cost Estimates and Schedules
System Design, Engineering, and Integration Services
ABZ offers a full range of services related to system design, engineering, and integration. This includes detailed design evaluation of complex systems for the nuclear power, chemical processing, and hydrocarbon industries. For more information contact info@abzinc.com.

Specific services include:
  • In-depth analysis and review of power plant design to update design calculations, drawings and instrumentation setpoints.
  • Cross-checking of as-built and operating data with design bases and safety regulations.
  • Analysis and evaluations of the methods, equations and physics necessary to solve problems related to fluid flow.
  • Provide support and advice to engineers in develop solution model for complex fluid systems in diverse industries such as aerospace, process gases, chemical processing, power generation, and oil and gas production. Examples include: Chemical Plant Perimeter Fire Systems, Gasoline Transfer Station, Aircraft Landing Fittings, and LNG Tanker.




ABZ, Inc.
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