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The current version of Design Flow Solutions is 4.19
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What is Design Flow Solutions®?
Design Flow Solutions® is a fluid flow software suite which provides the engineer with a range of computer tools to solve fluid flow problems. DFS is a must for the engineering professional who needs fast reliable reference information and solutions to fluid flow problems. ABZ currently offers:
  • DF DesigNet® V4 is the most powerful, comprehensive and cost effective pipe network analysis program available. Includes both gas and liquid analysis.

  • DF Branch® V4 provides an economical yet powerful way to analyze single pipelines for both gases and liquids.

Since 1989, ABZ has analyzed and evaluated the methods, equations and physics necessary to solve problems related to fluid flow. ABZ's work in fluid flow was used to create and support reliable and easy to use software for fluid flow analysis. ABZ continues to search for innovative and efficient methods to improve upon the Design Flow Solutions Software and to support ABZ's customer base of more than 22,000 working engineers.

In 1992 ABZ first developed the Award Winning Crane Companion* and has continuously improved the computational methods for solving fluid flow problems. ABZ continues that tradition with Design Flow Solutions®.

Case Studies
Design Flow Solutions® has been used to solve fluid flow design problems in diverse industries such as water, aerospace, automotive, power generation, oil & gas, chemical, marine, and food processing. Uses include new system design, design verification, analysis of system modifications and "what if" scenarios.

Below are some examples of customer successes using Design Flow Solutions®.

Data Center Chilled Water System
PDF (236 KB)

Chemical Plant Firewater System
PDF (328 KB)

Lakefront Diffuser
PDF (211 KB)

This powerful software package provides engineers with:
  • Complete hydraulic analysis of complex piping systems for liquids and gases.
  • Piping networks can include up to 9000 branches and 1000 tees.
  • Displays pressures, flow rates, fluid conditions, and others at all points within the piping system.
  • Includes piping dimensional specifications for standard carbon and stainless steel piping.
  • Freedom to use desired units for any inputs or for display of calculated results.
  • Automatically determines flow direction for each flow path in the network.
  • Considers sonic flow and heat transfer limitations for gases.
  • Allows use of positive displacement or centrifugal pumps.
  • Fast reliable reference information.

Version 4 Improvements:
  • New solution method allows for much quicker solutions of problems. This is especially important for problems with a large number of components and branches.
  • Improved speed of water/steam solutions based on improved handling of data files.
  • Improved local area network performance, and shorter solution times for LAN users.

ABZ Consulting

ABZ has applied its experience and knowledge of fluid flow to solving numerous customer problems. This includes solving the design problems associated with complex flow networks in diverse industries such as aerospace, process gases, infrastructure technology, chemical processing, power generation, and oil and gas production.

ABZ offers consulting services to assist clients in solving complex fluid flow problems. ABZ can provide an independent check of the calculation or provide the full analysis. Services can be provided by fixed price or time and material as needed by the client.

For additional information and quotes for ABZ consulting work, contact:

Customer Comparison

“My personal opinion as a professional engineer is that, for the money, I get way more bells and whistles in a very user friendly package with ABZ Inc's DesigNet® versus any version of PIPE-FLO® or AFT Fathom and the cost is much less.”

“Comparing apples to apples, PIPE-FLO® costs significantly more (three times as much) than DesignNet® without getting compressible flow capabilities. PIPE-FLO® has developed a "lite" version to keep the costs down but it only handles about 25 pipelines."

*Crane® is a register trademark of Crane Co., which is a different company than ABZ, Inc. No affiliation or association with ABZ, Inc., or sponsorship or endorsement of this product by the Crane Co. is intended.