ABZ, Inc.


ABZ, Incorporated was founded in 1986 to provide litigation support, consulting and engineering services to government, utilities and infrastructure industries.

Since its founding, ABZ has provided services to customers around the world improving safety and efficiency of nuclear, fossil, renewables and oil & gas power plants. Our completed project list includes in-depth evaluation of power plant design, licensing and detailed analyses of operational management practices and assessments of operation. ABZ is an innovator and leader in providing services related to decommissioning costs, scheduling, used fuel storage, and evaluating utilities property insurance limits.

ABZ continues to provide case support and expert testimony in legal disputes for our clients. We have supported cases that resolve contract disputes for construction and modifications, increases in electrical rates, operational and decommissioning costs.

ABZ saw the need in 1989, to provide an efficient and reliable method for calculated fluid flow in complex systems in the chemical, gasoline & petroleum, biotechnical, power and other process industries. ABZ completed the development of the award winning "Crane Companion" in 1992. Building on that work, ABZ has continuously updated the program and now offers a complete fluid flow analysis program called "Design Flow Solutions" to its domestic and international customers.

ABZ clients include the Fortune 500, utilities, technology providers, designers, manufacturing, state and federal government agencies.

ABZ, Inc. is comprised of a multi-talented seasoned staff of industry professionals that can leverage their global experience to support your specific and sometimes complex needs.

Litigation Support

Supporting the litigation process from the first claim through appeal


Management consulting and professional services producing client-tailored, unique solutions

Engineering Services

Engineering and manufacturing services that will keep your projects on schedule

Design Flow Solutions




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